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Originally Posted by PinkSlippers View Post

Instead there is dedicated USB port that you connect your smartphone to. This displays what's happening during system boot. Also, you can monitor temps and clear cmos etc.

Works flawlessly, and charges your phone. Also, there are LED's next to each major component, m.2, ram, cpu etc. These will light in sequence, and alert the user if there's an issue.

Well how the heck are you supposed to know what error code you are getting if you don't own an expensive android smartphone? It shouldn't be a requirement to have a $300 phone just to be able to see the post errors on a $300 motherboard....-___-

Wanting to get one of these to go along with a 5960X and some corsair dominator platinum 2666mhz DDR4 but i was concerned about some reports of bad overclocking from reviews and now this too. Sucks that there's virtually zero pictures of the board in actual systems either, was wondering what it would look like in my caselabs SMA8 with my SLI EK waterblocks for GPU and Supremacy EVO CPU waterblock etc...

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