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Originally Posted by PinkSlippers View Post

The motherboard has various LEDS throughout the motherboard that tell you exactly what the error is. Check out the user manual available on ASUS's website. Having a smartphone is not a requirement, but a mere perk for potential customers that do have one. OC from my personal experience is on point.

As for lack of pictures... I've seen plenty of builds online using this motherboard, but this is a relatively new board so these things take time.

Where have you seen the pictures? I found ZERO on google images, one on linustechtips that i had to specifically ask a guy to upload for me, and a couple pics of one guys rig here that's right above our posts.

You have one of these boards? How well did it overclock for you? I'm trying to decide between this and a Rampage V, but after spending the $1,000 on a 5960X i could only afford a used Rampage V though, so i'm really stuck between which to get.

It's good to know that it'll show post error codes though, had me worried.

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