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oops totally forgot to update this thread on my OC smile.gif
settled on 4.3GHz at 1.255vcore and its nice and stable playing all my games etc, and handling the benchmark in Intel Extreme tuning.
also got my ram XMP'd to its 2400MHz,

The system is nice and nippy, the CPU hits about 62C max under load, which is a good show for that Triton. Not sure about the mod-fets, will have to see if I can actually get to the back of the board, with a probe or something , my Cube case hdd mounting makes it hard to get to the back of the board.

as for the rad mounting place, I actually found my GPU runs coolest in that configuration, the front fans and air from the rad, create a good positive air pressure which is about 2C lower than when I did have the rad mounted at the front, which also made the CPU run a little hotter.

The GPU does run well it still hits 94C occasionally especially now that summer is here, but that seems to be the nature of that beast, I think the R9 290's perform much better in bigger cases.

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