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Originally Posted by jwcw View Post

390 looks great for me at 1080p from doing my research just unsure if i should go for that or a 290x at this stage with them been basically the same price in the uk, if only the 390x was a little less i could justify getting it.

390 is backed by the latest driver revisions and no one knows if 290 series will get the benefits of that revision or not.

Also, the 390 is beating the 290x in most benchmarks, and has twice the VRAM.

Not saying it's better, just saying it's newer, faster, and costs the same....


Maybe I am saying it's better tongue.gif

For the best look at the 390.... look at this Fury X review...

It includes the 290x, the 390, and the 390x... and these are with reference samples.

It sheds a nice light on both the 390 and the 390x....
But as with the last series, you gotta determine if that $ difference to go from 390 to 390x is worth the performance improvement.

I will say that, with the tess improvements in the 15.15 drivers, that 256 shader increase does a lot more for the 390x than it ever did for the 290x.

In many of those charts I could see a highly clocked 390x performing very closely with a Fury X (especially at 1080/1440), which is probably a bigger testament to Fury's poor release drivers, but it's also a huge statement for how well the "Grenada" is performing TODAY.

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