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uh oh.
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Update over here.

Had leak of 90° adapters and the black koolance QDC being junk, I swapped them with silver ones.

I've been re doing the loop since I get home, took a few pics with the phone.

junk on the block thanks to the QDC... I didn't took pics of the graphic cards block, but it was less than that.

new black extender on the terminal and new silver QDC

New 90° adapters and silver QDC on the top 480mm rad, this time the male are hooked up to the rad and female on the tube (it was the opposite with the black, caused me some disaster since they were staying open)

New 90° adapters on VRM and CPU block

New 90° adapter and silver QDC on the pump and res

Again new QDC and 90° adapter on the 240 mm front rad.

Made some change on this area, it was really tight to get a QDC between the 480 and 360mm rad on the lower chamber, I don't recall taking any pics from how I did it the first time, but I did this one.
the tube from the 240 was going on the upper hole of the 480 and the lower hole was going to the QDC.This time, longer tube for the QDC, easier to remove.

And what it look like now, notice that I put half of the black QDC on the silver one, still don't know if I'm gonna put the whole silver to make bigger contrast.

Oh damn, those pictures are really ugly when looked full size on PC, ah those phone with 1080p on 5", can't see the real details.
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