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Originally Posted by dadTX View Post

I have not tried this hack yet myself(first have to find out how it's possible on Titan X), but one of our fellows from overclockers.ru (he has 980Ti G1) has tried your mod. BIOS G1_Unlocked and experienced some voltage instability issues: he reported V drops from 1.224 to 1.2 V (lower limit with no overvoltage). This happens even in case of power limit is more than enough and temp is not high(far from throttling). Any ideas?

The GM200 reacts a bit differently to these sliders than one would expect. I had that same issue on my MSI 6G. I fixed it by raising the second slider all the way up to 1.2813 - 1.2813, basically giving the binning mechanism no choice but to target the clocks with this voltage set as minimum (i think).

And the slider unlocking is possible on all GM200 cards, even the titan x, I already posted it in the owner's club of TX, but it didn't much capture the attention of anybody. Here is one of the Titan X BIOS' from the owners club with the sliders unlocked

GM200HC-MAXAIR2-Unlocked.zip 150k .zip file
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