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Originally Posted by WerePug View Post

I will quote myself in this thread, since the information is relevant to the OP:
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Originally Posted by WerePug View Post

I have analyzed the file structure of the roms a bit.

I found out, that all voltages are defined in 34-byte long blocks. First 4 bytes are an integer value, defining min-voltage. This value is in milivolts times 1000. Which would make them microvolts, I suppose. Next 4 bytes are the max voltage for that definition.
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The root of all evil rests with the base values for those sliders. In stock GM200 bios, those are 1150,675 - 1198,47 for the external regulation and 1190,349 - 1239,838 for the temp throttle. It would appear, that along with other "unkown" voltage table entries, the MBT discards values, that is doesn't consider "neat" (multiples of 100, I would assume). Therefore, changing the values to multiples 100 (what gm204 bioses have) caused them to appear in the GUI. I am assuming, this would work for the other unknown values as well, though no reason to poke that bear.

Thank you a lot for your work and sharing. In the end, is it the 2nd slider on your custom bios to avoid vdrop?
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