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Originally Posted by WerePug View Post

And the slider unlocking is possible on all GM200 cards, even the titan x, I already posted it in the owner's club of TX, but it didn't much capture the attention of anybody. Here is one of the Titan X BIOS' from the owners club with the sliders unlocked

Thanks a lot, I was going to make such BIOS myself(with the help of your .rom editing trick), but now it is so much easier thumb.gif. I've actually stopped reading the TX owners thread lately, since it's quite hard to find useful messages there - too much posts nerdsmiley.png BTW do I correctly understand that your modified BIOS is the same as maxair 2, only it has overvoltage regulator unlocked and the default position(min=0mV overvoltage in PX) is the same as default for stock TX ref. BIOS, and the max position is the same as was locked in the original maxair = 1.26V? And so far no one owing TX has actually flashed and used your mod.?
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