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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

Hi Thanks for the feedback!

No SLI with 1000W, bummer you have to wait.. You might get away with SLI with the STOCK BIOS though if you want to go back to stock until it comes in.

As far as the voltage throttling, I suppose that it is possible however we haven't really heard of that with this BIOS. We we did before we got the BIOS unlocked in the ALPHA stages but all the logs posted (and there's a bunch from V1/V2BETA in this thread back some pages) didn't show any throttling at all actually. tongue.gif

If you had your POWER % slider maxxed during your tests (if not, do it and re-test) then my guess is that you could possibly have a "low quality" power supply and under heavy loads it is getting stressed too much and not able to provide "CLEAN POWER". It is not uncommon for odd results to be seen with lower quality power supplies and power variations.

It appears that the 980Ti G1 can be QUITE POWER HUNGRY when using a modified BIOS, overclocking and under load. It will be interesting to see your results with the new PS! smile.gif

I think the voltage 1.274V might be a bit too much for 1504...... I could do 1504 with my cards with +50mv or 87mv depending on the card.
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