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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

OMG yes you are right, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out.

They changed it so that fans will stay off all the way until 59C now (formerly 55C). 138F until the fans come on... MAX RPM like you said is now 3600 (formerly 4200).

Should we change this thread to "Cooking with Ti"

Yes I hope to be testing with F4 soon, but the first thing to go will be these fan settings LMAO! thumb.gif

ROFL! Cooking with Ti! I love it. I'm currently taking your V4 beta and modifying the fan and voltage tables of the F4 bios. I am also bumping my voltage to 1.225. 1.212 saw some artifacting on my card around 1565. 1574 would eventually see a TDR. I am getting the correct bios this time wink.gif.

I really wish the developer of maxwell tweaker would add a freaking copy paste or better yet an import/export function. I am so tired of changing this stuff lol.
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