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On my G1 980 Ti, after being unstable at 1500MHZ with the V3 Beta bios, I am now running the V4 Beta Bios, I am completely stable at 1500MHZ and 8000MHZ memory after numerous lengthy tests, the set voltage on the Bios is perfect for my card it seems at 1.218v and throwing no Perf caps at all.

I know this isn't the best result with a 77% ASIC, although I am happy with the round figures lol.

In regards to fan speeds, the fan speed settings in the V3 Beta were way too loud for me, so with the V4 Beta, I changed all the settings back to the original Gigabyte which allow me to game with over 100% TDP at 70-72 degrees.

Could anyone post a quick rundown on how the settings work in regards to Bios fan speeds etc and how to modify or direct me to a link so I can tweak myself?

I too, would like a slightly more proactive fan curve than stock, that's a little less aggressive then the V3 Bios.

Also, does anyone know of a way to control the LED colors on the card without using Oc Guru 2?? or even how to get Oc Guru 2 into windows startup as a last resort, its listed in startup after setting to administrator etc in the startup folder but still doesn't work and my Led's that I want red keep turning off or back to white.

Anyone upgraded to Win 10 yet and any reliability problems with the card?
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