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Originally Posted by bigjdubb View Post

Is the cooling system on the 980ti's any better at cooling the cards than the 970 cooler is? I can't keep my 970's under 80c for very long while gaming unless I open up my case and put a real fan next to it blowing like a mad man. And this only allows me to stay in the mid/low 70's.

In your instance, probably not.

The G1 coolers are good at what they do however they are ignorant to ANYTHING ELSE in your case.

The reason why is that they suck up air with 3 fans, blow it across the cooler and then the air exits right back out into your case, hotter than when it went in. This process just repeats itself over and over. Fanless mode doesn't help, we have to talk about GPUs under LOAD here.

If your case fans are unable to PULL the HOT air out of your case, it will very simply re-circulate.

You can say "well air is coming OUT of my case so therefore HOT air must be coming out too" - however that's not always true.

All cases have fans (even water cooled computers).
All cases have INTAKE and EXHAUST fans
All cases have INTERNAL FANS such as GPU fans, CPU fans, Power supply fans, supplemental fans, etc

Heat rises

Inside our case, depending on the components of course, we have devices generating heat. They are not always located in the same spots but thanks to ATX/ATX-e being the standard for a while, things are GENERALLY located in the same spots.

All these FANS inside your case will PULL AIR or PUSH AIR or BOTH.

Do you have more fans PULLING AIR IN than you do PUSHING AIR OUT?
Do you have more fans PUSHING AIR OUT than you do PULLING AIR IN?
Are the sizes of the fans equal? The speeds? The RPMs? The quality? STATIC PRESSURE?

Do you have obstructions, wires, hard drives, cdroms (huge air blocker) preventing air flow?

Is your case dusty and clogged up?

If you have GPUs under load getting to HIGH TEMPS, the FANS will spin faster and therefore CREATE SUCTION

If the AIR FLOW inside your case is WEAKER than your (3) GPU FANS SUCKING IN AIR, the GPU's can actually PULL HOT AIR BACK IN especially if you have something blowing air DOWN in your case. Watch for orientations and obstructions inside your case that may prevent heat from rising (or moving away).

A good PC airflow design will account for all this and more. Crazy fancy cases are not always good for airflow. Look at all that BLING as your equipment melts. lol

You can literally MAP OUT the airflow of your system. What are the possibilities? What are the options? Are you using the most ideal options?

Keep in mind that blowing air INTO your GPU may help, it is not specifically PULLING AIR OUT of your case. Side windows with fan mounts should be configured to BLOW AIR OUT with G1's because they exhaust hot air out of the cooler back into your case.

Sometimes you need to force the airflow to be directed across and up and away.. get creative.

This is only a rough example, I did this for testing and I will be getting a water block (any day now EK) anyway.
You can see how the air is getting pushed across both GPUs and the top fan will PUSH heat exhausted from both GPUs away.
My case is left OPEN so it is the easy way but will give great results.

A great tip is to take a fan and insert TIE WRAPS through all 4 holes of the fan. Push them through snug and leave about and INCH/CM on the end. Cut the rest off. Now you have (4) adjustable feet on your fan to pitch it a little or just raise it up higher. You can put it right on your GPU backplate and let it push hot air away. Makes a huge difference.

Get creative and run your gear cool!

Lastly, if you have slightly MORE FAN POWER SUCKING IN to your case than you do AIR EXHAUSTING OUT, that will create positive pressure in your case and help reduce dust build up. Filters are cool. Compressors and routine cleaning are better.

Originally Posted by wilsn View Post

On my G1 980 Ti, after being unstable at 1500MHZ with the V3 Beta bios, I am now running the V4 Beta Bios, I am completely stable at 1500MHZ and 8000MHZ memory after numerous lengthy tests, the set voltage on the Bios is perfect for my card it seems at 1.218v and throwing no Perf caps at all.

Could anyone post a quick rundown on how the settings work in regards to Bios fan speeds etc and how to modify or direct me to a link so I can tweak myself?

I too, would like a slightly more proactive fan curve than stock, that's a little less aggressive then the V3 Bios.

Also, does anyone know of a way to control the LED colors on the card without using Oc Guru 2?? or even how to get Oc Guru 2 into windows startup as a last resort, its listed in startup after setting to administrator etc in the startup folder but still doesn't work and my Led's that I want red keep turning off or back to white.

Thanks for the feedback. That's an early-test V4BETA in case anyone was wondering. I am probably going to test with F4 a bit before I post V4BETA.

The fan speeds require you to do percentages. The most important number is to know is that MAX RPM is 4200. That would be 100% fan speed. Any value that you want to enter must be mathematically correct. RPM value and percentage must match. For example 80% of 4200 would be 3360. So I would have to put BOTH 3360 for the RPM and ALSO 80 for the percent. The TEMP value is simply when that specific fan point will be triggered. The rpms increase gradually at a rate based on the numeric distance to the next fan point. The last fan point (only 3) will be the max your fans can go.

In my example below, you can see that I had also reduced the MAX RPMS from 4200 to 3600 to reduce noise. That works out to 90%.

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