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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

You have to ask Heisenberg (Click to show)


Fanless operation is DISABLED in this custom BIOS for 980Ti.

IMHO - It is because we are finding that BIG MAXWELL can get pretty hot, pretty fast.. If you are sitting there @ idle, after a certain amount of time (based on ambient temps and GPU workload) the fans ARE going to turn on ANYWAY (eventually). This is not a "Home theater PC" where silent operation is a primary concern. This is a PERFORMANCE GPU begging to be overclocked to make its Titan-X big brother look bad (that's what brothers do to each other right lol).

With a fan going on and off, I would suspect it might distract us more than a variable speed fan would (that gradually increases and decreases).

Fanless operation is 2015's latest GIMMICK.. but I respect those who think it is great. Silent is for watercoolers (hurry up EK!!)

IMO I prefer having a PROACTIVE fan curve than a REACTIVE fan curve. The GPU cooler with a fanless mode is going to make the ENTIRE COOLER 55C which is the STOCK temps when the fans turn on (the heat will dissiptate along the fins and heat pipes) before it starts to cool all the components. That is 131F!

Can the GPU and the cooler handle it, probably can.. but you don't hardly hear the fans at 35%-40% anyway. 35% is the STOCK BIOS speed when the fans do come on (way too low IMO and reactive cooling). 40% is the default fan speed of this custom BIOS, both speeds are very quiet.

The default FAN SETTINGS also don't work very well and can get quite loud, which is all because of the silent mode (effectively removes a BIOS fan point from 3 to 2). If you've been around a little bit there is a post when I first got my 980Ti where I tried the stock "AUTO" fan settings and they performed horribly. I customized the fan settings to perform VERY NEAR a custom fan curve (Proactive and aggressive, yet minimizing noise) without using CPU cycles of a custom fan curve. The expense was the loss of the fanless mode operation (which seems pointless to me anyway).

I also like the idea that anyone using this BIOS, if they do NOTHING and just leave the fan on AUTO, it will keep the GPU nicely cooled.

If folks want the fanless mode back let me know and we'll see if we have enough interest or you can just modify the fan profile back to stock on your own if preferred.

Above all else, Heisenberg said so wink.gif

Is there any guide for what of these does what? Or could you just tell me what I have to change for the fan to stay off until 55°C?

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