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According to the preliminary (NDA) and pulled down tests, Skylake is good for syntetic benches (109% over i7 4790K):

...but it sadly and surprisingly lose (4 tp 6%) in gaming tests to i7 4790K:

Sure, Anandtech is trying to cover this debacle, using an i7 4770K to unfair comparsion and ComputerBase tweaked the results to make Skylake look good (1% faster that i7 4790K) by throving syntetic benches in the mix, but gaming tests show that i7 4790K wins.

Only in Total War: Attila Skylake with GTX 980 Ti combination wins slightly faster result.


At least the TDP get from 95W lovered to 91W (only marketing change?). OTOH the asking price will be 350$ for i7 6700K and i5 6600K will be for 243$.


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