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Originally Posted by Krazee View Post

This looks very promising. I am looking for a mid tower case to replace my HAF X. I do love my HAF X but it's too big right now. I only have a single GPU and it looks like a monster next to my wife's Bitfenix Prodigy. Once more parts are available for this I will definitely put it on my list to consider even more.


The MasterCase 5 in comparison to a HAF X is much shorter with the same ability to cram everything you had in your HAF X :)


Originally Posted by DapperDan795 View Post

Subbing to see some builds. Reviews are looking good so far. Case seems like a great size for someone wanting to downsize like myself. Good job CM thumb.gif


Thanks for the kind words.  Same here!  I look forward to the builds that everyone will come out with.  Make it yours~!

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