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Originally Posted by Themisseble View Post

Its very simple. As mahigan explained that AMD has advantages in DX12.
- API overhead (no more CPu bottleneck at 1080P)
- Better parallelism
- async shaders

NVIDIA will always be better at tessellation on DX9, DX11 or DX12. Tessellation take huge perf. on rasterizer efficiency - with better tessellation and 50% more ROPs NVIDIA has huge advantages.

You will have API overhead, but to a lower extant. You can see in the AoS benchmark (which is not a rule ofcourse)
Originally Posted by GorillaSceptre View Post

I think you quoted the wrong post?

As far as Mahigans theory goes, well.. I won't use the word debunked, but people on the more tech savvy forums disagree with his reasoning. The consensus seems to be that the biggest differences will come from how the game is programmed, not as simple as X is better than Y.

Agreed about the second point. Even in DX11 we can see games that are considered "heavy" without a CPU limitation. Even BF4 and Crysis 3, at least on 1080p (link)
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