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Originally Posted by HalGameGuru View Post

AMD does not have the track record of nVidia on making their tech inaccessible or inefficient to their competitors in a premeditated fashion. When TressFX came out and nVidia had trouble they released the code to let nVidia optimize for it. Most AMD tech is made available for the industry as a whole to make use of and optimize, TressFX, FreeSync, Mantle, etc. nVidia could have made use of Mantle if they wished.
This doesn't really prove anything, past performance isn't an indicator of anything, it may hold merit sometimes, but without evidence it's nothing more than suspicion.
Originally Posted by ku4eto View Post

The game uses DirectX12 and makes fine use of the Asynchronous computing. This are the benefits for AMD. For nVidia , the only benefit is the DirectX12 more or less. They have not done anything to hinder both AMD and nVidia.
This doesn't say much either.
Originally Posted by semitope View Post

You should read this http://www.oxidegames.com/2015/08/16/the-birth-of-a-new-api/

There is nvidia code in there. This will likely be one of the most fair benchmarks we will have. When nvidia gets their hands in a dx12 game things might look different. Other times thee IHVs won't have had as much access to the game. This particular benchmark has had everyone involved for a long time. If its not performing as might be desired, its likely because of the graphics card (and maybe driver).

This, though, does say something. I'm interested to see when UE4 based Ark launches the DX12 patch next week to get some more data points to add. While it is nice to know that they did open the source code up, it doesn't entirely mean it is unbiased. As I recall Oxide games was one of the first to work with AMD on mantle, meaning they had a past track record with AMD working on developing their engine. In that respect it makes me wonder whether or not they still did make choices that specifically benefitted AMD back with mantle that were repeated with Ashes. It also means (in theory at least), that AMD has had more than the past year working with Oxide on this title, whereas Intel and Nvidia have had a year working on it. I'm not calling foul play, but I am still questioning the data until more titles are launched based on different engines.

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