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It makes no seance?

I know it's a few years old, but it's the highest rated returned result when using the keywords: problems with liquid nitrogen CPU cooling

Which is EXACTLY what ANYONE is going to type if they ever get an idea to actually try it one day.

I'm sure ya'll know about SEO, right?

I'm thinking about doing this, I was gonna comment on that thread in hopes that someone responds.

I got a VERY good reply!!!

You should NEVER lock a topic, unless it's obviously spam or off topic, in which case you would actually just try and clean it up before hand.

ALWAYS keep data accessible for as long as possible.

What if YOU had an old GPU that was just nostalgic and you REALLY wanted to give it a good overclock: BUT THE FRICKEN MANUFACTURE DECIDED TO LOCKED THE DAMND THING DOWN TO JUST +100 MHZ INCREASE MAX!!! *** IS THAT??

I am literally in that boat with my thread here: https://www.overclock.net/t/1493245/how-to-unlock-the-system-bios-on-an-asus-g75vx-nvidia-gtx-670mx-custom-vbios-overclock-tutorial

Old tech, locked down, want to overclock to the max, am seeing if others had the same laptop.

A lot of people do actually, specially if I visit all the different websites and link back to that thread, which I started and try to maintain as much as I can with as much info as I can (UPDATES COMING SOON I PROMISE!!!!)

Do you know how much bigger of a deal I would make this if MY post was EVER locked?

I am NEVER going to sell this laptop and will ALWAYS give it new hardware and possibly even new chips.

Since learning how to simply achieve a higher overclock than +135 MHz I know know how to solder many various chips of many sizes and how to program them using various clips and adapters and software.

I'm only going to post this one topic and leave it at that, since it is not my own, but still:

What the haybail bros?
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