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Originally Posted by alpenwasser View Post

I've been using Linux almost exclusively since about 2007~2008 or so, and am very happy with it,
and Windows just isn't really for me anymore, but yeah, I get that for most people it's probably the
other way around.

But I don't really game anymore (well, I have a PS3, but last time I turned that on was like two years
ago or so), which makes abstaining from Windows a whole lot easier though.

Plus, I know many people say that "Linux is easy if you choose the right distro" or something like
that, but honestly, I have invested a lot of time over the years into reading documentation and stuff
like that. I'm not necessarily talking about troubleshooting, just reading up on how to get something
done. And not everyone might have the time for that, or the desire, or both.
Haha, yup, I do indeed. They're HWLabs SR-1s. So, 55.9 mm thick according to HWLabs, though
only a 33 mm core according to xtremerigs' review. Since I'm running my fans at ~450~650 rpm
they seemed like the natural choice at the time of purchase (which was back in 2013).

Reason I have the Alphacool in the roof is that the HWLabs would have cost me one more PCIe
slot, and I wanted to keep one open in case I decided to install a RAID controller or something
like that. The XT45 performed very well at low fan speeds in Martin's review, so I went with that.
I've thought about replacing the roof rad with something sexier like an XSPC or an EKWB, but
so far the urge hasn't been strong enough justify spending the money. biggrin.gif

EDIT: I'm still working on temp measurements and such, but as a preliminary note: Having dual
560s and a 480... not as ridiculous as one might think when running the fans as low as I do.

I go through phases... Solely Windows then randomly I'll pick up a distro a few times a year. My "gaming" rig stays on Windows but my laptop could have Linux or windows, currently running W10. But it seems I have that itch again. Ha-ha already downloaded Arch, maybe I'll just run it in a VM. It may sound funny but I want to like Linux so much but just haven't been able to make that jump. Anyways, two 560's and a 480... That's just awesome. So how much space do you have between the lower radiators? 60mm or so I'm guessing. But I'm assuming both are in push/pull.

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