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Originally Posted by kgtuning View Post

I go through phases... Solely Windows then randomly I'll pick up a distro a few times a year. My "gaming" rig stays on Windows but my laptop could have Linux or windows, currently running W10. But it seems I have that itch again. Ha-ha already downloaded Arch, maybe I'll just run it in a VM. It may sound funny but I want to like Linux so much but just haven't been able to make that jump.

Yeah, making that jump is not always as easy as it might seem. I've been able to do it because I've
had the time and inclination to do all the work required, but it does require some effort. Putting Arch
in a VM sounds like a pretty reasonable approach, especially if you're not that experienced with it.

Oh and if you run into trouble, feel free to ask. I can't promise I'll be able to help, but I have a few
years of Arch under my belt, so hopefully I won't be completely useless. biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by kgtuning View Post

Anyways, two 560's and a 480... That's just awesome. So how much space do you have between the lower radiators? 60mm or so I'm guessing. But I'm assuming both are in push/pull.

Just push. I didn't really think it made much sense to go P/P with such a low-density radiator with
such a thin core, and according to the xtremerigs review, that seems to be about right. For me, the
added cost wasn't really worth the comparatively small performance gain.

Space between them is ~105 mm or so (bit tricky to measure accurately with everything bolted
together). So in theory, I could mount a second PSU between those radiators. It'd basically just
be like running the PSU in a bit of a hotbox (temperature inside the bottom compartment is about
42 C at the moment with the fans at ~650 rpm), so as long as I don't overdo it with the load and pick
a decent unit it would still work. Though it's not exactly what I'd call an ideal solution I will admit. biggrin.gif
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