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Originally Posted by NoirWolf View Post

FACTS such as:
1. Did you know Windows 10 does not natively support floppy disks? I know, the audacity of Microsoft!
2. Did you know Windows 10 does not run multiple Windows 1.0 games? Yes they robbed you. You heard it here first.
3. Did you know AMD GPUs which are overkill for for League of Legends at 4k ultra cannot be run in crossfire on LoL?

Thanks though for letting us know that statements by AMD on G-sync capabilities at that time make them liars for what G-sync is capable of today. Guess there isn't a single hardware vendor in existence that isn't a liar.

And to be honest fanboys have a love of cherry picking for and against certain hardware vendors. Sometimes they pick cherries which are still valid (that compiler that's still running around from Intel that kills the performance of anything that doesn't ID itself as an Intel chip) but most times they pick cherries which aren't so much rotten as fossilized.

not quite sure why you'd crossfire for LoL anyway I get some insane frames at 4k.

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