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...and you'll FLOAT TOO!!
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No worries! I'm on 355.82, and I haven't had any issues so far with this driver. I just flashed back to a different BIOS and got through Firestrike without a hitch. I'm thinking it might be tied in with the minimum voltages, since the crash happened while my card was approaching idle/ a low load. So bumping up the minimum voltages past clock step 54-ish (was 64 with my settings) or so should work out, I think.

Check out the BIOS that I'm currently using, the Power Table is mainly based on your settings from a previous BIOS, and a lot of the voltages have received a bump. It's limited to 1506/8002, but it pulled in a few more points in the Firestrike bench.

Again, ignore the update messages - I'll update 3dMark in my time, not theirs. tongue.gif

Here's a copy of the BIOS I'm currently running:
Blaze-1506.8002-StockFan.zip 136k .zip file
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