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Originally Posted by t0adphr0g View Post

I have a ASUS Sabertooth X58 motherboard, this also has a Marvell SATA 6 controller.

You just need to go into your Device Manager to turn off the "Safely Remove" function.

here I took a picture:


Open Device Manager, open Storage controllers, then just right click "Marvell 91xx...", choose properties, then go to the policies tab, and uncheck the box "Enable safely remove disk."

I would then reboot, to see the change.


I ordered a second 840 pro, had to move some stuff around "sata port connectors". As my board only has two 6GB/s and the rest 4 are 3GB/s. I've got a marvel raid card 91xx, had to switch a sata III 6GB/s hdd to the marvel raid card, cuz my two 840's are gonna be on my intel chipset as raid in sata 3 thumb.gif.

This solution works perfect, Thanks!

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