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Originally Posted by Mr-Dark View Post

Only way to know how much you will gain trying the bios

MSIGTX970Dark.zip 136k .zip file

Core clock 1531Mhz & 8Ghz memory clock & 1.27v (some people report 1.26v max for gaming card ) & 310W TDP & boost off

make sure all OC software reset before flashing the new bios


Running perfect so far @1.275v and temps are fine, currently 73c in Furmark.
Will test it out gaming all day tomorrow and see how far I can push it smile.gif Thanks a million for the help.

Here is a shot of GPU-Z with your bios.

i5 4690k: 4.5Ghz @ 1.275v
Msi Gtx 970: 1530/8000MHz @1.275v (BIOS mod by Mr-Dark)
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