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Originally Posted by EthanKing View Post

Running perfect so far @1.275v and temps are fine, currently 73c in Furmark.
Will test it out gaming all day tomorrow and see how far I can push it smile.gif Thanks a million for the help.

Here is a shot of GPU-Z with your bios.


@Mr-Dark-Nice thread, thank you for helping people with modifying 9xx BIOS .

If you can find some time ,would you mind trying this BIOS out.

Zotac 980Ti reference card.
ASIC Quality 65.6
I would like to try to get a stable BIOS around 1500/7800 area.
ZotacReference980Ti.zip 152k .zip file


give this a try

Zotac980TiDark.zip 152k .zip file

Core clock 1506Mhz & 1.24v & 7.8Ghz memory & 320W TDP & Boost off

Flash and report back! smile.gif

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