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Just wanted to give some feedback after using my WM 420UHD 2.0 for the past four weeks.

I am still very pleased with this monitor and every time I power on the monitor it is pure joy!

The joy was just suppressed by the absolutely annoying hot-plug Windows/Displayport "feature" which caused the re-sizing and relocation of all my open windows ("Displayport Hot-Plug Detect HDP pin 18") using multiple monitors. After reading lots and lots of postings on many sites, unsuccessfully experimenting with Windows 10 Registry settings, I finally got it working that my 'Extended' Desktop with three monitors is keeping all resolutions no matter if they are switched on or off or even physically disconnected. The issue is not WM related at all. It is a Windows/Displayport issue affecting many people with multiple monitors (and maybe different resolutions).

... I was even close getting my soldering iron out, disconnect DP PIN 18 and connect some voltage to that pin ...

I have three different monitors with three different resolutions as Extended Display and a AMD Firepro W5100.
- Dell 2407WFP 1920 x 1200
- WM 420UHD (KJT4K2K60DP) 3840 x 2160
- Samsung LN55 1920 x 1080

I achieved this by simply saving the EDID information for each monitor to a file and then doing a EDID Emulation using the saved files as previously posted by Robert Jones (Thanks!) https://sites.google.com/site/ebobster/stuff/displayportblanking

The AMD Firepro Control Center I am using might be slightly different to the Catalyst Control Center, but I assume the EDID Emulation is possible.

1. Select AMD FirePro/EDID Emulation and Accept the license/warning
2. You should see now your AMD graphics adapter with two selections: 'Graphics Card Display Connectors' and 'Display Connections'
3. My three monitors were shown as
'Connection 2 - DisplayPort (Connected : Samsung)
'Connection 3 - DisplayPort (Connected : DELL 2407WFP)
'Connection 4 - DisplayPort (Connected : KJT4K2K60DP)
4. Hover over each monitor entry and save the EDID information to a file with e.g. the file name using the name of the monitor
5. Now click on the "+" sign to add the EDID emulation using the file for each monitor you just saved
6. Do this for all your connected monitors
7. Finally tick the check box for 'Force EDID Emulation' and Apply the settings

After this my windows were no longer re-sized after a monitor power cycle or sleep/wakeup.
I think this solution might even make my previous posting making Windows Registry modifications obsolete.
I am using the latest AMD Firepro driver package 15.20.1045-..... with FirePro Control Center 2015.0622.2137.37044

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