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Originally Posted by waltercaorle View Post

hi, I'm running a sli between a 970 gigabyte g1(8+6 pin) and a evga 970 sc acx2(6+6 pin). the gigabyte has no problems. I wonder if you can have the same power limit on evga or at least take it to the maximum possible. thk
evga970sc.zip 137k .zip file
gigabyte970g1.zip 137k .zip file

Hello there

give this try

GigabyteEVGA970Dark.zip 274k .zip file

2 bios there (Gigabyte + EVGA ) Both have

core clock 1506mhz & 3.7Ghz memory & 1.24v & boost off & 310W TDP

keep in mind the EVGA card is voltage locked to 1.21v almost this will hold you back a lot

Flash and report back!
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By God sir, that bios is great! Thank you!

You'r welcome bro smile.gif

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