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Originally Posted by waltercaorle View Post

I am ... the bios work perfectly, I tried some benchmark / game smoothly, temperatures are slightly higher but it is normal .....
THANK YOU, so now I can forget about any software for overclocking smile.gif

+1 REP thumb.gif

Very nice !

I can make custom fan curve for both card to drop the temp a bit if you like that just let me know thumb.gif
GM200.zip 152k .zip file

980ti strix. can you remove the power limit and give me 1.27v on the core. the card runs stable at 1480mhz core and 2000mhz memory on stock bios at 1.237v also i would like to eliminate the temp throttle.


Give this try

Asus980TIStrixDark.zip 153k .zip file

Core clock 1506Mhz & 1.27v & 8Ghz memory & Boost Off & 450W TDP & throttle @88c now thumb.gif

flash and report back!
Also interested in a 980 Ti Strix BIOS. My card will do 1568/2100 stock voltage, but keeps hitting the power limit (110% on these things). ASIC is 83% on this one, would like to see what it will do with more juice.

Thank you!

try this

Asus980TIStrixDark1557Mhz.zip 153k .zip file

Core clock 1557Mhz & 8.4Ghz memory & 1.27v & Boost Off & 450w TDP & 88c throttle temp

flash and report back!

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