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Originally Posted by manolith View Post

it went thru fine but voltage is locked at 1.17 at full load according to gpuz and clock is stuck at 1319 eventhoug it shows your clocks on gpuz the card doesnt get to them. i also disable afterburner completely no oc software anywhere just in case. 

maybe i can try to overclock it thru afterburner to see if it can hit higher clocks than with the stock bios.

hmm something isn't correct with thats strix card my bios work fine for many Ti card ( Reference & G1 & ACX & )

try to clock the card farther and report back also i will check the bios again and report back to you!
10mhz on core and the system crashes !

Actually 1500mhz @1.21v is very good and keep in mind you have 69% ASIC so this OC very acceptable for that card wink.gif

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