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Originally Posted by Reloaded83 View Post

Played 64 minutes last night. I'll preface this with, "I'm not really a horror game type of person". I love horror movies, though they rarely scare me. Games on the other hand, I'm a big baby about. Outlast on 3 monitors proved to be too much, and I never finished it. So far though, I'm loving this game.

I haven't gotten very far as you can see, so I haven't even seen whatever it is that's crashing through doors and things, but the atmosphere and over-all sound effects are quite well done. Playing with headphones in a dark room doesn't help either. I'm REALLY hoping to not NOPE out of this game too soon, but we'll see how it goes. I am pretty sure even after an hour of play, I am not very far into the game, since I've been taking it so slowly as I do with most horror games. It has done a quite good job of sucking me into the world. thumb.gif

On a superficial level it's less scary than Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra - this was absolutely wrong and premature.

I'm calling it right now: this game has the best sound effects ever. Literally every single object crashing against every single surface type creates a unique and accurate sound. Based on its virtual surround support I'd wager it makes very good use of surround sound.
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