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Originally Posted by phenom01 View Post

I love the concept of this and all other extreme cooling. I was wondering the application of a Rhinoliner CC2 cloased cell foam covering pretty much all of those frosted over components. Take it easy on me if it is worthless added effort and cost. I haven't gone past a tipped up can of Duster on a old PC heatsink...and watercooling.

It just seems better to me than a neoprene wrap as it makes REAL contact with all components involved.

*edit* also meant to add it would stop all of those small leaked I would assume.
If you're talking about the insulation over the i/o hose it is a foam designed to stay flexible under a wide range of temps. I dont think rhinoliner is flexible and this method is a lot cleaner than any type of spray. As far as the mobo goes, with the OCC purge kit, there is no need for insulation. Ice does not form. Also I dont know how rhinoliner would respond to extreme cold temps. I dont think anyone would recommend using a spray insulation on your mobo.

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