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Originally Posted by Schmuckley View Post

In b4 8-dude Pms you tongue.giflachen.gif
As a thought..video would be excelente!
booooo! Found out I can't overclock the mobo the Pentium D (95 watts) is on mad.gif But ran the OCC at -106 with some benches just for fun. Ran some benchmarks and stress tests. The funny thing is the temp changed virtually zero during all of the tests. Now I know this computer puts out a lot of heat just idling. It was my business computer and kept me warm for a couple of winters. So I'm pretty surprised by the results at -106C. Looks like the controller was WAY ahead on it. Lovin it! Shouldn't the temp go up when the CPU is benched or stressed? I believe the OCC is just, as I have thought all along, sensing the minute loss if chill when there is stress on the CPU producing heat and adding LN2 just enough... I also thought that there would be less need for extensive cooling at the minimum temps. Funny thing is, the heaters ran as much as the LN2 maintaining the low temp. Totally stoked (me not the heaters)! Rendering the video now. Will upload in a few minutes.thumb.gif

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