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Dear Corsair Carbide 300R owners.

I must say to start with, I love how this case looks! When I was searching for a new case for my upgrade, I immidiately fell in love with the looks of it. I just love matte black look smile.gif

Now that I've finally build it, I notice it makes a little hum noize.

I have an AMD FX 8320E with stock cooler, a new Be Quiet Straight power 530 watt PSU and no other case fans besides the 2 delivered with the case. I was wondering, do those fans create that little hum? It goes a little like huuHUUhuuhuHUUM.

As I'm a music producer, I fancy a quiet system. Now I'm looking for ways to disable that noize and could use some help in knowing where to look. I'm just a pc user, not so much a case modeller or overclocker. I ordered Gelid Solutions Antivibration Fan Mounts to see if this can solve it. Maybe getting Be Quiet Noise Absorber Kit coz when I lay my hands on the case, I feel it vibrating. Tho, everywhere I press, that sound won't stop, making me think it has to be the fans.

Another question I have is, if I want to replace the case fans, do I have to remove the front panel to get access to the front fan?

Hope some one can help me on the way smile.gif

Thanks in advance,

Greetings, Erik
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