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Looks like I'm a few years late on this thread. Oh, well. I guess I could download a few of these, open them in Photoshop and resize/recolor what I'm looking for. Bad thing is, I didn't see anything with a Gigabyte logo. I just started on my new build, and I removed all labels from my PSU and painted the entire thing white. I was hoping to get something blue, since my build is white and blue, but I'm not so interested in adding another PSU sticker. Maybe just Corsair with the sails and/or a Gigabyte logo, but I think the vinyl decal is obviously the way to go instead of a sticker. I was thinking about printing it on a thick piece of photo paper and then cutting it to make my own stencil (the thick photo paper would at least hold its shape while I paint it on), but after typing this, I realized trying to cut a stencil of the printed Gigabyte logo would probably be impossible for me to do.

I'll figure something out, but if anyone still subscribes to this thread, I would like to have something similar to the Corsair logo in the first few designs in this thread. Something like Corsair with the sails, only larger. I'm not very interested in showing off the AX1200i part. Besides, the sides of my PSU won't even be seen once it's mounted in my Caselabs TH10A.

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