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Well first off I live in Singapore and some of the users here may be familiar with how some of the older HDB (apartment) buildings do not have networking done up.

The problem is that my router is in the living room and my pc will be in another room and I don't like using WiFi so I researched up online about this and found this article.

The article tells me that I can re-purpose the RJ11 lines that my house already has as a RJ45 terminal so I went and tore open one of the telephone terminals to find that it only has 3 pairs of wires and the geek in me spent the next 30 minutes on trying to figure out what kind of cable this is, needless to say I didn't find an answer and so I'm here asking about this.

Anyway, apart from the obvious fact that this is not a RJ45 line, does anybody know if these lines are interconnected and that I can just somehow "feed" a CAT6 into it until it reaches my room? or does anybody have experience on running wall cabling and can give me tips on it? (slight note, this is an apartment building and all the walls are all solid concrete, no way am I going to be able to cut into the wall with a pen knife to run a new line)

All help appreciated thumb.gif
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