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Originally Posted by Laithan View Post

Here is a basic picture walk-through of installing an EK water block on a Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti G1.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

The instructions that come with the blocks are good so this is a supplemental picture reference.
How to install an EK water block (Click to show)

Last moments of being an AIR cooled GPU

Goodbye windforce

You're too darn loud anyway

Remove ALL screws accessible from the backplate of the GPU

Pull the cooler off the PCB gently. Don't pull too much, there's 3 plugs to disconnect. Bottom right corner of this pic is the one you remove first. It is hard to see.

Disconnecting the single plug allows you to flip the cooler over while the other 2 wires are still connected

The plug on the right comes out easily. The one on the left has a death grip (locking plug) but if you gently pull up you can easily pull the plug right off. Yes it can be re-installed and it will work just fine. wink.gif

This is the only way I could remove this plug. But you can see it will easily slide right back on if ever needed later.

Now time to remove the backplate. Looking now at the top of the GPU, remove all 4 remaining screws that are now accessible after removing the cooler

I have to say, this backplate feels thinner than the 980.. It feels light and flimsy..

Time to clean up. No shortcuts here. It is a pain in the butt however you need things nice and clean biggrin.gif

EK Gives you some paste and I guess it is supposedly pretty good but I use TX4

Time to install the heat transfer pads for the VRMs, memory modules and mosfets

All prepped, making sure ALL edges of everything was completely covered with the transfer pad

And ready to install the block

I now take the block and slightly "season" it with TX4 so that it will make a better bond with the GPU since there are grooves in the block.

Here it is, all done!

Now to install the back plate

More heat transfer pads are needed because the backplate is actually a passive cooler and not thin and flimsy like the stock backplate.

In back of the GPU as well to pull heat away

Installed! By the way, I should have read the instructions for the backplate FIRST because I ended up having to take out some of the screws I had just put in for the backplate to install but it was no big deal. Just wanted to point this out for others to read both instructions at the same time and you'll see what I mean wink.gif

Looking hot!

That's one fine slim body right there wink.gif

How she'll look installed in the case (the same orientation)

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


This is great i was skeptical about buying a water-block for my gigabyte because i didn't want to mess anything up, but with your instructions it actually looks kind of fun. im DEF gonna do this now , thank man !! repped
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