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I bought G1 GTX970 last week for my Crossover 2795 95Hz 1440P monitor.

I noticed when i OC using AB or any other tool and start to play a game, it automatically down-clocks to 540Mhz. Unless i stop the OC and reboot my machine it stays at 540 Mhz.

Benchmark tools works perfectly fine and it can go all the way to 1530 MHz with the custom BIOS.

Is anyone facing this issue ??? It seems to be impossible to use any OC tool and run a game at higher clocks. Very annoying...

As long as I change the Volt/Power only in AB ,GPU clocks at 1401 Mhz.

With Custom BIOS and Volt/Power maxed out, GPU clock goes all the way upto 1531Mhz.

But if at all i touch the CORE/MEMORY.....even 5 Mhz increase, GPU auto downclock to 540Mhz as soon as i start a game. Any reasons ??
How can i change the memory(samsung) clock without the GPU downclock ???

Please help.
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