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Here is a huge tell that Xbox One might be based on the newest upcoming architecture from AMD.

All current GPUs from AMD support up to DirectX 12.0. Only Maxwell supports DX12.1.
From GDC Europe in late 2015. Notice Xbox One

Ever since Xbox One and PS4 was released, Microsoft`s console have been under constant critique that their hardware is much less capable than PS4`s hardware.
After all the PS4 have 18 compute units (1152 cores) while Xbox One had to settle with 12 compute units (768 cores).

This is about to change. Microsoft and AMD have been secretly working together to make a more powerful GPU for the Xbox One, and since the GPU is embedded in one chip, it means Xbox One will get a new APU. One can wonder what architecture the CPU part of the APU will be based on (Zen perhaps?), but some console users have noticed the name "Xbox One Polaris" flashed during Netflix usage with their Xbox One.

We know that AMD`s upcoming next generation GPU architecture will be called Polaris, so it seems that Microsoft is about to release a refreshed Xbox One based on the newest GPU architecture.

TL;DR: AMD and Microsoft have been working on a new APU with a GPU based on AMD`s upcoming GPU architecture Polaris. Codename have been noticed by some users while using Xbox One and Netflix.

  • Here is leak from HWBattle about the name of AMD`s upcoming GPU architecture:

  • The first user to notice "Xbox One Polaris" was "BLNJ" which he posted on twitter. This was all the way back in October in 2014

  • Twitter user "yeyixic" also noticed the same codename during Xbox One usage in November this year

  • Twitter user "blueisviolet" got hands on a screendump as proof


  • Earnings Call Meeting for Q3 2015 with the investors, AMD`s Lisa Su had this to say about their plans for consoles.
    Demand from Sony and Microsoft indicates that the record setting sales pace of this generation of game consoles will remain strong. We also remain on track to begin revenue shipments of our additional semi-custom design wins starting in the second half of 2016.
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