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Originally Posted by Dagamus NM View Post

In the event that anybody is looking at these values to determine what they should spend holiday monies on here is a little comparison done on the same system with both running at the same time. X79 rampage iv extreme, 3930K @ 4.2ghz, 64gb mem @2133mhz. Two intel 480gb 730 series raid 0 vs single intel 800gb 750 series. Yes, I know the 800gb model is the slowest of the lot but the price and size were a better fit for the trade-off in speed.

1GB 730 raid 0

1GB 750

10GB 730 raid 0

10GB 750

So there we are. Why don't I run these on one of my x99 builds? No PCIE lanes, both x99s have quad gpu setups, the x79 has two 295x2s so I have two open slots and two 800gb 750 series. I cannot boot from these on x79, but raid 0 730 series is good enough for boot drive. I will raid 0 these later and report back.

Here are the raid NVMe 750 series results

1GB Intel 750 raid 0

10GB Intel 750 Raid 0

That is more like it.

That 4k tho.... I think a single crucial m4 can beat that..
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