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Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post

I get the feeling VR will start to take off with Racing games and sims as well as Indie game sims..

Once VR becomes mainstream, we'll see it used as a training aid for all sorts of fields. We already utilize Computer-Based training extensively throughout various industries. I look forward to seeing how the electronic entertainment industry will continue to contributes to other industries.

Back in winter 2004, I took an Intro to Entrepreneurship course and an older fellow mentioned real-time, VR racing as a business idea. He was laughed out of the classroom. Meanwhile a business student mentioned M&A and was golf-clapped. Yeah...
(Moreover mainstream, nevermind ESPN-hosted, esports content was still long far off. And now we actually have LoL/DoTA content on ESPN in 2016).

It's odd to say, but maybe this fellas ideas were just 12 years too early. And irony of it all, coming from a guy that was 2.5x the age of the typical student.

> I should probably mention that I was on his team later, I wonder if I can dig up our presentation haha.

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