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Parts Planned for Upgrade

Purchased -

Fractal Design Define S - Windowed Side Panel

Why I didn't just buy this to begin with, I'll never know.

Assorted Barrow White Fittings

Rumor has it that they make the fittings for Bitspower. Maybe it's not true, but reviews have been positive. I ordered a bunch of white compression fittings, 45 degree and 90 degree extensions, and a ball valve too for a drain.

Components Awaiting Order -

Heatkiller IV Pro - Copper NI with Backplate

I really like the look of this one. Plus, the cooling performance is really good.

EK Thermosphere - Nickel Acetal

There are no full cover blocks for my EVGA 980Ti FTW. Of the universal blocks available, I liked this one the most for what i have planned. I will be retaining the midplate on the 980Ti for passive cooling of the VRAM and VRMs. That means I will either modify the mounting plate on the EK block or use copper shims.

Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS and 280GTS

I wanted slim radiators for my Define S. These were among the best slim radiators.

Mayhems Ultra Clear

I may to rigid this summer. Figured soft tubing would be a good start.

Mayhems X-1

I wanted something with anti-corrosion properties, mostly out of paranoid with the EK nickel block.

Cablemod E-Series G2/P2 Cable Kit - White

Because it'll look great.....

Koolance PMP-450
Koolance COV-RP450
Koolance 200mm reservoir with Bitspower top and Aqua-Pipe

Ended up with a 200mm Monsoon MMRS kit instead with the D5 mount attached. The pricing is similar, plus the mounting solution looked better than the one on the RP450.

Barrow temp sensor plug

I plan to have the BIOS adjust fan speed based on water temp instead of CPU temp. This will be use to plug one of the ports on a Primochill Vortex flow indicator.

2x NoiseBlocker Blacknoise Silent Pro 92mm

These are actually for the GPU VRMs and VRAM. They will be mounted to a PCI bracket and connected to the mini 4-pin on the 980ti through an adapter. I hope to automate their speed based on GPU temps through Afterburner (or a custom bios).

3x Fractal Design HP-14
3x Fractal Design HP-12

Lots of options for fans. These won me out. Check out this Youtube channel. They have a site as well. https://www.youtube.com/user/CoolingTechnique

Silverstone CPF04 PWM Fan Hub

Might as well.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Apparently the best right now.

Assorted screws, sleeving material, and heatshrink
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