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Update 3:


I have the reservoir and pump combination put together and mounted. I also test fitted the radiators. There were not without challenges.

Monsoon MMRS

I sleeved the cables coming from the D5 pump, which were not difficult since I've sleeved speaker cables in the past. The sleeving wasn't very dense, so you can still see some of the red. I may resleeve that portion at some point, but it'll be fairly hidden from view once everything else is installed, so I might leave it until it's time to drain and clean the loop (or when I upgrade again).

I really like the white and black combo that I picked out. The only complaint was that I had some difficulties mounting the D5 housing onto the reservoir base. I ended up tearing apart the rheostat on the pump due to the force. Most of that was likely my own stupidity. Lesson learned. I was able to test the pump to check that it still runs, and it does. So onward we go.

I really like the mounting system that Monsoon designed. For some reason, I assumed that two brackets would be included. One ended up being pretty sturdy, but to make sure it was more secure and would remain vertical under weight, I used some 28mm M4 screws along with the radiator mount bracket that Fractal Design included to secure the top mounting position on the reservoir to the case. Having the reservoir mounting slots already designed into the Define S was definitely a plus.





Black Ice Nemesis Radiators

I picked these because they were the best 30mm radiators, at least according to a test by xtremesystems. My plan was to have the 360GTS at the top with the ports at the rear of the case. The 280GTS would be mounted in the front, near the top. The coolant would flow from the reservoir/pump to a flow indicator before hitting the GPU block. From there it would enter the CPU block, followed by the 360GTS on top. The exit from the 360 would be routed along the top of the case, hidden from view, before entering the 280 in the far side port before exiting the nearside port and back into the reservoir from the top.

Well...it wouldn't all fit. The ports on the 280 would end up hitting something on the 360. It was the 360 radiator itself or the fans on the radiator that would interfere with the ports on the 280. I didn't want to flip the 280 so the ports are at the bottom, mostly because I don't think I'll like the way it looks with soft tubing. I ended up removing the front filter on the Define S and sandwiched the fans and 280 to the case. Since I didn't want to lose the filter, I found that the filter could sort of be snapped back onto the fans. Some electrical tape made it more secure.

My only complaint about the case so far is that the fan mounting slots at the front of the case don't run the entire length. I know that it's designed that way to not block airflow, but it meant that I was fairly limited at how high or low I can mount my fan and radiator combo.

Interestingly enough, with the 280 radiator in the upward orientation, I couldn't fit a third 140 fan onto the front. I'll do push pull with the extra fan. I don't think I can get a fourth fan onto the 280 since it will interfere with the 45 degree or 90 degree rotary that I will need at the exit.




Plan is to route the tubing from the 360 to the 280 through this area at the top of the motherboard.


Fan and grill



I'm expecting the Barrow fittings to show up tomorrow. As long as there aren't any problems with the order, I hope to have this up and running by the end of the week.
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