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Originally Posted by VordaVor View Post

Have to ask, cause I have never been in one of these and don't know how categories work: is it 4ghz only for that category, or 4 - 4.4ghz ?

Will edit my comment with the results.
The 4 ghz bracket is for submissions at 4 ghz and below.

Originally Posted by DR4G00N View Post

Is the world clock an absolute requirement? I ask because my test bench isn't connected to the internet.

I can't think of a way to verify the clockspeed the bench is being ran at without it , which bracket would you be running in?

Originally Posted by 1216 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

1216 - 3 GHz - Superpi 1M - 22.901 seconds - Phenom II x4 920 - 2992 MHz

Be gentle, it's my first time

I think you are a natural at this, you set a wonderful example! The only thing I would ask is that the result dialog box be moved to allow us to see all the iterations.
I ... however made the mistake of not posting the proper version of the benchmark in the op... redface.gif we will be running the version currently being used on HWBOT which is 1.5 I believe.
Here is a link to the download page * I will add it to the op* please accept my apologies, I didn't realize they had a newer version.

I'm VERY encouraged by the amount of interest thumb.gif
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