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Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post

Yes, you will have default clock of GPU 1040MHz once you flash the Sapphire Fury Tri-X OC Edition ROM; this can be modified as well (soon be a section in OP) wink.gif .

It is very very early days in bios modding Fiji redface.gif , so at present downclocking I can't help with but hope when I have my own card I can find a solution smile.gif .

If you flash Sapphire Fury Tri-X OC Edition ROM and card does not post or have an issue in OS then I would do as I did with the 4x 290/X cards I've been playing with. Boot system with DOS USB stick using other bios position, whilst PC on switch bios position to bad flash side and flash with correct bios.

I'll flash the Tri-X OC BIOS over the stock one. I tested the secondary one, it works fine. So if i screw up the first flash, I can just stick with using the secondary BIOS for now.
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