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My card has arrived also today biggrin.gif , just gotta find time to install and then do some tests smile.gif .

We were unaware of that 270 value, you may recall I stated Hawaii had 3 values; back in Nov 15, I could only find 2 values at the time for Fiji ROM. Now how I'm more sure of values is due to being able to read pointers in PowerPlay to sections (this info will soon be added to Hawaii/Fury bios mod threads).
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If the temperature is below the throttling temperature (75°C) and the power draw stays below the TDP (270W, PowerTune / Power Control @ 0%), it is definitely a driver issue and not directly related to PowerTune or PowerPlay. Disabling PowerPlay is definitely not the correct approach to solve it, since it will mess up the power management completely.

I believe it is TDC due to how in Hawaii TDC is always lower than TDP/MPDL (and equal to each other), plus we have info regarding how in Sapphire Fury OC bios is upped "PowerLimit" (I think they did not lift limit to full extent).
The vBIOS switch on top of the card allows users to switch between two different vBIOS versions. One is set to a 75C temperature target that keeps the power to the GPU limited to 300W and the other version is set for an 80C GPU temperature target and a 350W power limit

Quote from.

Anyhow testing will get to the bottom of it smile.gif .

Like I said in Fury owners club, in hawaii if TDC wasn't upped and only TDP/MPDL was card would throttle. I also experienced this on a 295X2 when doing mods for @ENTERPRISE.

I hope my Fury unlocks (if I was honest I only bought it to do bios mods!LOL) ....
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