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Hey guys! Been a while since I was last here, but I think I come bearing sad news. I believe my 7970 dual X with boost has died (?). Can you guys please confirm? I tried both slots on my motherboard and it wouldn't post. GPU fans spin for a split second then die. I can boot up without a GPU just fine, tried a different GPU with my system (a 9500gt) and it POSTed. I'm wondering is there any shred of chance that the problem lies with my PSU (Cougar SL 600W), could have there been like a deterioration of the output of the PSU that makes the PC not boot up since its not getting enough juice?

Also, prior to this, I had some instances where I was playing 2K16 and the game would crash leaving me with a striped screen and a weird audio sound glitch on loop. I remember encountering this problem before but never to the point that I had a card die on me. I never had my main gaming GPU die on me so it's quite a horrible experience, given that it was almost just turning 3 (y.o.) this April. There was also a couple of instances wherein the screen would just go white and I would have to perform a hard restart. Also, lately, I couldn't even get past like 1 minute in game and it'd crash with the striped screen. I tried running furmark and same thing happened after stressing it enough. Temps were only at a sub 70C at most.

Any help would be much appreciated! Also, if it really is dead, I'm planning to get a reference 290x since there's a fairly cheap one and would it be possible if I used my old 7970 dual x cooler on the 290x? Some arctic coolers worked for both platforms and I was hoping I could save a bit without having to buy a new cooler just to replace the blower one. Also, I don't think my 7970 is a reference PCB since it's the blue one. Thanks!

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