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Originally Posted by TheCooler View Post

The highest I can get is 7-6-6-18-25, on the internet is see higher values.
My PC start but I still have to run some tests.

Get memtest by HCI http://hcidesign.com/memtest/
Split 90-95% unused ram between threads, so about 7gb unused over four threads just put about 1700mb in each fo the four instances, then click start on all of them and let it run overnight. You MUST be able to pas 300% at a BARE MINIMUM. I recommend just letting it go for 8+ hours while you sleep.

THEN download realbench and let that test for 8 hours as well. Memory can be VERY tricky to get stable it may be stable with a memory testing application but throw in some CPU usage too like realbench does and everything falls apart. Trust me this is something you want to test for ASAP. If you are running windows with memory errors you are going to need to reinstall as you will corrupt the system and files far beyond repair (and may not even know it for a while!)

It's happened to me numerous times. ALWAYS TEST YOUR RAM ASAP.

I recommended the HCI test as it is faster than all the other memory testing applications and most likely to bring out potential errors.

TO be completly straight with you though, nothing i the world does a better job at detecting a bad CPU or Memory overclock than Battlefield 4. Hoooo boy if you want to know if you're stable give THAT a shot. You'll find out REAL quick. redface.gif

As always, when you finish testing run:
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow
from admin command prompt to repair any errors and corruption that may be present.

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