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Originally Posted by P.J
I buy SONY G520 21" about 1050$. But when I set it to 1600x1200, I can't see anything very good. So I set it to 1280x1024, but 1280x1024 is for SONY G420 19" monitor !
Can you help me ?
Try this is way cool and the home edition is free. It will tell you everything about your system and the complete settings your card and monitor support.
If you work on computers you gotta try it.
Examp, it told me my IBM p202 was really a HP1110 and had link to the drivers page. IBM only supported 95,98 and Mill. The HP drivers added 2000 pro but saddly nothing for XP but I did learn what my true max res and refresh was so I could increase it safely.

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