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Motherboard: Supermicro H8QM8
CPU(s): 4 AMD 8439 SE
Memory: 16GB DDR2 EEC 800Mhz or 32GB DDR2 ECC 667MHz
GPU(s): None currently
PSU: 650w Supermicro PSU. Looking to repleace at some point.
Storage: 1TB WD Green
Case: None
Cooling: Heavy copper heatsinks with 3000rpm fans.
Operating System: Linux or Windows Server Datacenter
Approximate cost: Base $350 with shipping from US to UK.

$400 with 32GB ram as it sits



I acquired 64Gb of RAM. Turns out one of the memory slots is dead, so I have just 60GB RAM. :'( Total cost £70.

Total Build cost with 60GB Ram, $500.


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