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Originally Posted by c0nsistent View Post

I ordered 5 Titan's at launch as well, but reality set in when I tried to play my favorite games in Quad SLI. First I switched to Tri-SLI and had SOME success, as far as good scaling in about 50% of the games I played, then I switched to 2 cards, and for the most part the FPS I attained was within 10% or so, so I stayed there.

Even for 4K, I think 2 1080's would suffice. Why not wait until the 1080 Ti or Titan (?) comes out?


I did the same thing! I always used to roll tri SLi for every GPU iteration since the 8800 Ultra's. Then fired on all four for Quad SLi.


I had them running for about a week and decided to downgrade to Tri SLi and pop in a 512GB NVMe to use the last of my 40 lanes. Quad SLi was unplayable. Not surprised NVIDIA dropped officially supporting it. 


These in SLi should work perfect with the PG348Q. Excited to see how they work!

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